Nose work competition new sport for dogs

terrierMisty the rat terrier hits on a target during a nose work demonstration at the Dec. 10 Rotary Club of Carrollton. Misty’s trainer – Laura Clawson of Unleash the Pawsitive – explained that nose work competitions grew out of a desire by trainers of narcotics and bomb sniffing dogs to gather for friendly sport.

“The saw how much their dogs enjoyed it and how seriously they took it,” Clawson said. “They decided to create a companion sport.” In competitions, dogs search for small amounts of hidden essential oils.

Clawson explained that, on the job, dogs are trained to search for in four situations – vehicles, interior, exterior and containers. While some may think certain breeds make better competitors in nose work, Clawson said any breed can be trained for the sport.

“These companion dogs are total mutts,” she said, “They are the ones that share our homes with us. They have not been specially trained, other than in nose work.”

The Rotary Club of Carrollton meets every Tuesday at noon at Sunset Hills Country Club.

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