Beznosov: Oil security potentially at risk


Dr. Mikhail Beznosov

This may be a surprise to many people: The United States is now the leader in oil production worldwide. But Dr. Mikhail Beznosov, a political science instructor at the University of West Georgia, says it’s not enough.

“It is still a problem,” he told the Rotary Club of Carrollton at its March 21 meeting. “The U.S. produces 12.7 million gallons a day but consumes 19.4. That’s a deficit of 6.7 million gallons a day that has to be imported.”

Beznosov said the country’s Middle East oil dependence is smaller than it used to be. Today, the U.S. gets most of its imports from Central America and Canada.

Politically, Beznosov said, the world is so dependent on cheap, uninterrupted oil that it can lead to many problems.

“The security of supply was born of the oil crisis of 1973,” he said, noting the challenges today are further exacerbated by climate change, post 911 security and interdependence.

“Globally, energy is spread unevenly, creating a significant problem,” he said. “The separation of need and supply is growing.”

To be less vulnerable, countries need to be more proactive in searching for energy alternatives, he said.

“Countries with a diverse mix of energy makes them less at risk than those relying on only one or two sources,” he said. “Analysts predict as fossil fuels become more scarce there will be resource wars.”

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CHS students participate in Job Shadow Day


From left are Linda Picklesimer, Rotary board member who coordinated the shadow program this year; Sally Ingui, CHS Career Center specialist; Dr. Mark Albertus, superintendent of Carrollton City Schools; and students Austin Richie, Caleb Ayers, Hana Anderson, Kevin Rios, Ally Denney, Alex Rodriguez, Vivian Brownson, Stephen Hirvela, D’Ovionne Davidson, Josh McLaughlin, Samantha Pope, Will Anthony and Taylor Gray.

Fourteen Carrollton High School students spent Tuesday morning learning about various professions during the Rotary Club of Carrollton’s Job Shadow Day. The club sponsors this activity every year and the participating students join Rotarians for lunch to share their experiences at the club’s regular noon meeting.

Students shadow sponsoring Rotarians or their designees at their places of business. This year, Hana Anderson shadowed Galen Hobbs at Smalltown Bank; Taylor Gray shadowed Carroll County Commissioner Michelle Morgan; Vivian Brownson and Kevin Rios shadowed at Office Ink Plus; Stephen Hirvela, Austin Richie and Caleb Ayers shadowed the IT team at SMI; Josh McLaughlin shadowed attorney Stacey Blackmon; Ally Denney shadowed Carla Duncan at Tanner Foundation; Alex Rodriguez shadowed Carroll EMC CEO Tim Martin; D’Ovionne Davidson shadowed Dr. John Godard at Carrollton Eye Clinic; Samantha Pope shadowed the marketing department at Tanner Health System; and Will Anthony shadowed Rotary President John Jackson at his law practice.

“This is a wonderful experience for our students,” said Sally Ingui, CHS Career Center specialist. “They learn so much and are grateful for the opportunity.”

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Adams: Palliative Care patient-centric


Tim Adams, BSN

Tim Adams,  the new Palliative Care nurse coordinator at Tanner Medical Center, shared with our club the value of this service, which provides for complex disease management.

“Palliative Care is not necessarily end-of-life care,” said Adams. “It is a more intuitive management with the ultimate goal of improving  a patient’s quality of life in a complex situation.”

Adams noted that only three of 12 patients at Tanner in the Palliative Care program have only one disease. He said many of the patients suffer from diabetes, heart disease and possibly COPD.

“Palliative care is appropriate at any stage,” Adams said. “But it works best in a crisis situation. It is a very supportive service.”

Adams formerly served as the Palliative Care coordinator at Floyd Medical Center before coming to Tanner in September to start the program there.

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Stinson: Southwire poised to go from good to great


Southwire CEO Rich Stinson

Southwire CEO Rich Stinson updated the Rotary Club of Carrollton on progress the wire manufacturing giant has made in the little over one year he has been at the company’s helm.

Stinson joined Southwire in October 2015 as then-Chief Executive Officer Stu Thorn prepared for retirement after 14 years with the company. Named CEO Jan. 1, Stinson, whose background is in electrical and power management, has been focused on continuing what Southwire does well and improving on manufacturing processes.

“We are really headed in the right direction,” said Stinson. “We are out-growing our competitors at a strong pace. We want to go from good to great.”

Stinson said Southwire is poised to enter non-traditional markets and capitalizing on industry trends affecting energy use, such as LED and microgrid technology.

“A large percentage in the fuel and energy sectors are focused on microgrid technology, mainly around the digital and service platform,” he said.

Stinson also paid tribute to Southwire’s reputation as a strong community supporter.

“We do a really good job of giving back in west Georgia,” he said. “We need to improve in this area in our other service locations.”

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Securing assistance for veterans in need


Our club is so proud to support the Carrollton Housing Authority’s initiative to help veterans in need. Through a district matching grant program, we were able to secure $3,000 in funds to purchase much-needed furniture for this cause. Chandler’s Furniture in Bowdon Junction provided a generous bid to supply quality furniture  at low prices. From left are Charles Griffin, executive director of the Carrollton Housing Authority; Jill Duncan, Rotary Club of Carrollton past president; Ann Newman, Linda Picklesimer, Matt Windom, Ed Ward and Galen Hobbs, Rotary Club of Carrollton board members; John Jackson, club president; and Jeff Chandler of Chandler’s Furniture.

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Rotarians brave the cold to serve our community


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Fite: Character development key to program success


UWG Head Baseball Coach Skip Fite

The University of West Georgia Wolves made baseball history last season by posting a third best school record of 42-16 and qualifying for regionals for the first time in almost two decades. Head Coach Skip Fite, who spoke to the Rotary Club of Carrollton at last Tuesday’s meeting, credited strong leadership from a well-rounded crop of seniors for the team’s success.

“That was a team that was hard-nosed and grinded it out,” said Fite. “I was proud to be a part of that group.”

Five said this year’s team is young, but focused, largely because of a deliberate push on character development.

“We work hard to make sure our athletes understand that you can’t have program success if you focus on individual success,” he said. “Kids are not getting that culture naturally, so we have to teach that.”

Fite said in a busy world, there are a lot of distractions for college students and student athletes in general. But to build a championship program, those distractions have to go away.

“We work real hard on getting the right characters here,” said Fite, who boasted that his 36-man roster last season posted an impressive 3.06 GPA. “The culture we bring to the table is you have to live it (baseball and academics) 24/7 if you’re going to have a shot. If you want a championship program that’s what you’ve got to do.”

The Wolves will open the 2017 season by hosting Augusta State in a best of three series starting Friday, Feb. 3, at Cole Field. To learn more about UWG baseball, visit

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